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Pultrusion Dies

With over 15 years experience in the manufacturing and supply of pultrusion dies, nose bushings, folding shoes and a variety of customized secondary operation processing equipment we realize that cost, lead time and product quality are the difference in securing the project or not. 

As a die builder, we have built dies as small as an 1/8" rod, up to 48" wide bridge deck dies.  Single cavity, multi-cavity, changeover dies and everything inbetween. We have produced tools for simple rounds, flats, angles, T-bar shapes as well as multi-ribbed window and door components. There is virtually no shape we will not take on.

We have the ability to build to your print, assist in tool design, or provide a complete, fully documented design for your approval. We can work from your end view print or any standard drafting or Solid model format.

One of our specialties is in the construction of full hard tool steel pultrusion dies, in many cases the cost is fairly competitive to a more traditional P20 or 4140 Chrome die.   Full hard dies have proven to be highly effective for tools that experience high wear, are complex in shape or are a combination die which uses interchangeable parts to create a new profile.

All dies are constructed of the basic industry common materials.

Die blanks
- P20 , 4140 Pre hard, D2, A2, S7, M2 or customer defined alternate.
Coatings - Hard Chrome, Diamond Chrome, Ion - Nitride, Gas Nitride.

Construction -  Dies are built fully interlocked or with inserted full length keys for die section alignment,  pin and dowel available upon customer request. 

Features - Entry / exit profiles per customer specification,  lead in angles upon request,  standard die finish is 6-10 RMS. Thermo-couple holes per customer request, Die mounting or locating features per individual customer.

Options - Hard entries in most cases are processed at time of die build to assure proper cavity alignment.

Die repair typically consists of chrome strip / reweld / form grind / rechrome.

Floating 2 piece mandrels available up to 120".


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